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Ports forwarded Properly then suddenly not?


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I have been downloading and uploading successfully for weeks but recently I've had a slowdown. I tested my port using the Utorrent port checker only to dicsover that my port was not forwarded properly. So, I forwarded a new port, tested it and got the port opened message. My speeds were pretty good again. Within minutes I started loosing connections, so once again I tested the port and am getting the error message again.

running widows vista

router: D-Link DI-604

Norton Internet Security ( With Utorrent set to allow)

Green circle at botom of utorrent allways

cable internet connection

I'm uploading at 49 kB/s

Downloading at 10 - 15 kB/s

-I had been acheiving some downlaods much higher than 49 kB/s


on a lage download of 2.41 GB I'm showing seeds 2(136) and peers 7(345)

on a small download of 348 GB I/m showing seeds 5(121) and peers 4(101)

- I had been connecting to 10 -20 peers on files with fewer seeds previously

The only thing that I've done that might have had some effect was removing some torrents + data due to my disc space limitations, but all my files have really high share ratios.

Well, thats basically it, is there something i'm not gettin?

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I'm having the EXACT same problem. I've forwarded the port that I'm using but occasionally when I test it's reported as blocked. I've setup a static ip. Most of the time it passes though. My speeds are pure crap... though I attrubute that to my isp blocking traffic, but I could be wrong, as I set up a random port, so I don't know how they know what I'm downloading.

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Yes, I have set a static IP, but I do not have utorrent use a random port (should I? if so how do you port forward on the router if utorrent is using a random port?)

Also how do ISPs block P2P? I'm using shaw cable in Cananda and I have read mumblings about them blocking P2Ps. How do they do that? How can I get around it?

This sounds like a logical cause of my issue coz when I forward a new port and test it it shows opened - but minutes later it's not, and my ports were fine for weeks. In fact I managed to download about 80Gb in the last month - ya think my ISP took notice?

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