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v 1.2.2 dht doesnt want to connect to bitcommet clients ?


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I started a few torrents recently where the trackers were down, and i could see that the dht was doing its thing so left it for a while.

The torrents seemed to be very slow to get going so i took a look at the peers tab and on both the torrents i was only connected to other utorrent clients.

I hadnt had this behavior before v122 so i switched back to v121 and both the torrents became instantly connected to the many bitcommet clients and the downloads built up nicely.

Has anybody else had this, is it a bug or just a gremlin that only affects me.

ps I obviously wouldnt have noticed this if the tracker was working because id have got all the bitcommet clients and probably assumed that a good few came via dht when in fact they hadnt.

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