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Hi everyone, I may sound a bit dumb cos I have only started using utorrent not long ago as my first every torrent client. I've got lots of questions as I'm not a computer wizz at all as many of you are.

I've turned off my windows firewall and Lavasoft Firewall and I did what the F.A.Q. says about what to do when there's a NAT error. But as you can see in the capture (http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/548/snap15up.gif) there's still a NAT error showing.

Before even when it WAS showing I could always download my file at around 30kbs but now it's lucky if it's one third of that speed.

And it really pisses me off (maybe I'm still ignorant about torrent sharing) - how do some people just get to sit there with 100% but not let me download anything. I mean I've got a cap limit on my monthly broadband and I always turn on upload but do people actually get to download without contributing???!!!

Whoever can help me to fix this problem and get my speed back up again (not greedy, I'm happy as long as it's around 30's) it'll be greatly appreciated. And plz be patient with me cos I'm not really good at those jargons :S

Cheers everyone

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