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JAVA app to manipulate resume.dat content available ...


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Hi all µT gurus, users, experts ...

After doing some unsuccessful googled researches and unfulfilled requests in these forums, I've decided to write my own tool to edit resume.dat content (mainly to perform some mass relocations and directories/paths changes) ...

Today, I've achieved a - running - alpha release of my own tool, written in JAVA. It can export resume.dat content to XML file and can reimport XML content into a new fresh resume.dat. Code is not very clean, unoptimized, but requires some extending testing to prove its efficiency

If everything goes well, it will be released as an open source stuff (in fact, it has been written with non proprietary usage in mind, so it could manipulate any bencoded file)

Hope my post won't break any of the forums rules (I do not sell anything ;))

Feedback appreciated and welcomed

Chris (µT is seach a great piece of work)

PS : next (critical step) is to find a way to let uT know resume.dat has been changed (at least to see if its new content is structurally compliant), so I hope it is feasible

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Thanks Firon ! You're right, all actions performed on .dat files must be carried on "offline" (uT down) ...

Yesterday, I've tried it on my own file (~300 torrents stored) and it seems to work (Uh, prog tells me file has been damaged or upgraded from an older version, so I need to work on this hash thing), but I can see all my changes in the new DAT file (new .torrent location in my test).

I've also been able to export a .torrent file to an XML file, which means my coding could be used against any kind of bencoded content ;)

Today, I've been able to implement the SHA-1 integrity management, it seems to work fine with my own resume.dat file (export resume.dat to resume.xml, replace root directory and path with another pattern and reimport resume.xml back to a temp resume.dat, copy it to uT appdata dir and start : OK)


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I'd be interested in this! Where could I obtain a copy?

I've got a few arrays running and sometimes move bulks of completed files around to different locations. A tool that would allow me to edit and relocate the Download location of torrents in a batch type way so that I can continue seeding would be amazing!

The current method of Right Click->Advanced->Set Download Location on each individual torrent gets tedious after the first dozen.

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