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How reactivate *.torrents?


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I accidentally deleted most of my *.torrent files. I usually download the torrents, when finished I say "open" and UT starts downloading the corresponding files. Fortunately all downloads were finished, but to maintain a good ratio, I want to continue seeding. Now of course I get the "Error: Can't find *.torrents" message.

I copied them from c:\...\app.data\utorrent\ (Windows XP) back to the "original" directory E:\Torrents\, where they resided before the erasure, then rightclicked - chose Start, but to no avail, the message won't disappear, no seeding. How do I reactivate the torrents? Is there any other, faster way than to force a recheck of every single torrent (I tried that with one of the files, and it worked)? There are so many torrents in my "portfolio" which I offer in case somebody wants them...

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