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uTorrent rechecks data by not closing properly


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uTorrent has a problem in that it doesn't always close properly. If the computer is busy while it's closing, it may not save all the resume data or something because it will recheck all the data when I start it again. This is especially a problem if I reboot while uTorrent is still running.

Because of this bug, I've gotten into the habit of stopping the torrents manually and waiting about 15 seconds before closing the program.

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I haven't tried that option, so I'll give it a go.

Why doesn't uTorrent at least finish writing all the pieces and such before shutting down? I can understand not waiting for the trackers and such, as that could take a while. But I think there should be some tasks which it will finish before closing completely, so things like this don't happen.

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The problem with graceful shutdown is that there's currently no clean way to force it to shutdown (meaning, it might never close if something happens). What will likely be done is that it'll be set to enabled by default, and a dialog will show to give the user the option to kill it anyway.

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Hello "Switeck" or "Firon".

There might be another problem about "Checking files" in uTorrent.

I have stopped the program after it had checked the first 10 to 12 files - and

started it again.

The result was different - every time.

Many files that had finished (100%), was suddenly back to 99.xx%, one of

the times - then back to 100% ... while other files that had been 100% - the

first time - was on 99.xx% - and so on.


A sujestion.


Do you think you could make a new "Mode"?

-- Build -- (or --Building--)


If a block (big block), doesn't pass "HashCheck"...

*Load it 3 times.`

*Compare the 3 blocks - byte by byte.

*Where you find the same number - twice - in the same position, in 2 of

the blocks ... Use this number - to build up a new block.

If you introduce this ability in your program, you will "take a leap" from

all the others who make programs of this type.

This way - you may elliminate problems with "Bad Internet Lines".

In Thailand there are a good deal of "Bad (Rotten) Internet Lines".

I am a programmerer and I have made a program that repairs downloadings

from internet - in connection with upgrading Windows.

The program takes from 3 to 5 downloadings - that doesn't run - and

build up a new file.

I have just recently made it, so I haven't tested it on more than

8 downloadings.

On 7 of them - I only needed 3 downlodings - to build up a new

file - that runned.

On 1 - I needed 5 dowloadings - to repair the program.

All 8 attempts succeeded.


According to my opinion - is uTorrent - the best and most userfriendly

program (of this kind) that is made.

The most important Procedures (Functions) - to be able to download - are

so easy accessible, that you don't have to know much about using a program - to

make that happend.

I think that if you develope this simple "routine", you will improve the

program - radically.

But - as I said - this is just a sujestion.

Kind Regards


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This just happened to me the other day. I am running 1.7.2. It happened on only 1 of the multiple torrents that are running. Another strange thing I noticed was the DHT said inactive for a while and it took a while to start the DHT login for the other running torrents - meaning longer than usual. (All the torrents running are trakerless.) Nothing special was done after the previous close of the utorrent client. What I lost was the partially downloaded pieces of the torrent that did the checking.

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