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utorrent automaically closes


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I downloaded utorrent from utorrent main site 1.7.5

and download a few torrent as well (15 to be exact which file sizes are huge )

I have utorrent configured to start automatically with windows xp

now half way after the windows bootup i click on utorrent in systray

it automatically closes no errors.


Soft i uses

1)Antivir Premium

2)Comodo Firewall

3)Utorrent 1.7.5


PS:This is happening from past 2 days it was good b4..

I have not installed any softs during this time

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process lists are empty (i mean no utorrent)


u thing there is a problem with utorrent installation?

if i reinstall utorrent will i loose any torrents that i have downloaded/ing?

and btw i did not save torrents to harddrive just open with utorrent in browser!

PS:IT is the same me as the 1st POST user due to loose memory i forgot the password of email and of this forum i had to make a new user,

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