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Downloading Large File, Need To Speed Things Up


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**I think this is the forum closest to what my problem is (if not, please let me know and direct me to the correct one!).**

I am downloading a 3.94 GB file, or trying to, I need seeds to help me. So far, there was only 1 seed: 1 (1), most times is 0 (1). Really not enough at all for such a file size, especially when said seed is offline (while offline, am I able to still download from them, or do I need to be online at the same time as they are?) Now, though, seed number = 0 (0), does that mean seed is offline, or the file/torrent has been deleted/removed? Though, I do have 0 (1) peers. Can anyone help me with either seeding the download, or finding (or even creating(?)) seeds for the download? Please?!?!

XP Pro SP2

1 MB Broadband connection

Using uTorrent

P.S. I am downloading another file, (slackware), and when I start that, the number of seeds x (xx) changes, why is that? And why is it I used to have (only) 1 seed but now 0 for the 3.94 GB file/torrent?



My seed now = 1 (1) and peers = 0 (0). But, the D/L speed was just under 20 KB/s, now, just as I began typing this, it is less than one. (?) I think my PC is temperamental, and suddenly seed = 0 (0). Then, starts slowly speeding up again. It's up and down. I'm really confused, what's going on?!?!

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Well that's a dissapointment. From the time I posted the first post in this thread, 'till now, the download has increased to 26.4%. My main seed is a good couple thousand miles away. I had another that I guess was closer, both were online at the same time, and it said it would finish in less than a day. Thanx anyway.

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