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Files don't match the downloaded ones after moving them.


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After using µtorrent some years now, i've found that when you download a torrent and then move it, to another directory at your computer, or to another harddisk, some files isn't 100% finished when you try to seed again Not always, but 8-9/10 times. I often download files that contents a .nfo-file, .sfv-file and several .rar files (about 90 ones. usually 50mb each) and after moving the files, usually the .nfo-file and .sfv-file is 0% finish when you try to seed, and a very small part in the beginning of the the first rar-file (they're named .r00, .r01 and so on) is missing, so you have to download small parts of the torrent again. sometimes the torrent also includes a .vob files, and it could also "disappear" when you move it. But all rar-files except the first one is unaffected by the movement.

Someone who know what i'm talking about?

I don't know if it's a bug in µtorrent, the torrent system or windows, or maybe it's not even a bug, just something that happens. but i should let you know.

Thanks for the best torrentprogram! =)


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herghost may be referring to downloading a different torrent with some of the same files. Even one NFO file before a file would completely change the piece and hash. I find that you have to download the first and last pieces of some files since the hash do not match.

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