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Automatically start application upon startup? (NT)


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To be honest i think there should be a option to allow auto start.

But i dont think this option should be on for default. utorrent is so small and compact everytime you download a torrent from browser and open it it takes NO time. Unlike other application where there is a "lag" time.

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is there a switch so that it startsup in minimized (to taskbar) instead of expanded ?

Just create a shortcut for it, then right-click the shortcut to get into its properties.

You can set it to start Maximized, Normal Window, or Minimized.

You can set the shortcut in your Startup section to start minimized, and maybe rename the shortcut to "uTorrent (minimized)"

You can leave your other shortcuts for it to start up another way too.

I have several programs with multiple shortcuts to it, simply to start maximized or in the tray on startup.

-- Smoovious

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