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Headaches with Port Forwarding


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I am trying to setup my satelite connection in order to download using uTorrent. I've tried following the guide at www.portfoward.com for my router which is a Netgear WPN824 v2. I've also set uPnP and it finds the port that is being forwarded by uTorrent. I am using HughesNet Satelite Service with a HN7000S modem. I've tried both Windows Firewall and Norton Internet Security 2007 and it is no use. I'm including the information about my modem below so that maybe someone can help determine what the problem is:

Computer IP Address:

Router IP Address (Netgear):

LAN1 IP Address (Hughesnet modem):

LAN1 Subnet Mask (Hughesnet modem):

NAT IP Address (Hughesnet modem):

NAT Subnet Mask (Hughesnet modem):

Router (Satelite):

The software configuration of the Satelite is as follows:

NAT: Enabled

DHCP: Enabled on LAN1

Firewall: Disabled (From NOC)

Turbo Page: Enabled

I've been tinkering with this for some time now and would like to get this resolved so that I can use uTorrent and the like. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have satellite, and the same IP address and subnet address as you.

I did the static IP and portforward thing at portforward.com. I'VE LOST SLEEP FOR WEEKS trying to tweak this stupid thing. (okay, it's not stuipid, i love utorrent, i hate hughes net satellite)....after reading for weeks... just now reading that satellite is stuck being firewalled (and i download torrents with small seeds and peers, so whatever i can get would surely help...but even in large swarms I can only connect to 2 or 3) If i'm lucky i'll get 30kB/s (together, not just one torrent). I do almost all my downloading between 3AM and 6AM cause it's FAP-free....(you don't get punished).

Anyhow..ready to give up, go to sleep, be happy with what i have..don't be greedy...then i read this link where she says she has satellite and had a green icon.


WHY CAN'T I HAVE A GREEN ICON? (making pouting face and stomping foot). I want a green icon. I can't even get it if i shut off all firewalls! ya, okay, enough venting..thought I'd post this here since i saw the same IP address even though this was an october post...

so now i can't go to bed because that link tells me that MAYBE there is a way...or maybe it was just her satellite...

Please post about the "straight to the modem" thing if you've tried it (although I have to admit I don't understand...)..

back to reading...sigh...

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Heh I contributed to a post for Hughesnet previously (link here)... I feel sorry for you guys, but they DO tell you up front limitations which is miles ahead of "broadband" providers time warner and comcast.

Also searching for simply "hughesnet" on the forum will show you success other users have had. I still feel for people who have to deal with sub VDSL speeds and pay the same as others who can get 20 Mbit synchronous. If you'd like to keep others posted here aware of your status and possibly receive other insight, you never know. ;)

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