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"Don't Download"/"Skip" not applying to partial pieces


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1) Open a multi-file torrent; let a few fragments get underway -- enough to allocate HD space.

2) Stop torrent; Files tab > "Don't Download" a particular file.

3) Observe partially-downloaded pieces of "skipped" file in Pieces tab.

4) Start torrent; observe session fragment pieces resume downloading.

5) Exit uTorrent.

6) Restart uTorrent; start torrent; observe previous session fragment pieces resume downloading.

If I'm in a torrent with 4meg pieces, and I halt the download of a file with twenty partially-completed pieces, this sticks me with downloading another on-average 40 megs of unwanted material -- unless I exit, manually delete the file and re-check (but I might not want to delete the file; I just don't want to DL it right now).

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