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RSS feeds suddenly start over, adding hundreds of old files


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I have around 40 RSS-feeds in Utorrent, and just one "Favorites" setting, that captures everything (all feeds, and a '*' in Filter).

So the first time I start Utorrent with these feeds, every item in the feeds are added to Utorrent. This works great, new items from the rss-feeds arrive a few times a day and are auto-downloaded. Great!

But then after about 4 weeks, one day I check Utorrent, and it has added 200 old items from the feeds (at least 10 different feeds) - and are downloading them! I check RSS-feeds -> History, and the shows being downloaded all have old dates (ranging from weeks to months old).

I then delete all the old stuff, and it seems to return to normal working mode. I even try pressing RssFeeds -> Releases -> Update Now - and no old torrents are added. But I know it is just a question of time, before this happens again.

This has happened to me several times on two different computers and even more different installations - and across several Utorrent versions. So I must be doing something wrong, or this is some kind of bug....

Have anybody else experienced this? What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?


Just now I got, and had not checked Utorrent for 24 hours... 760 torrents were added, just one new torrent that SHOULD have been added.

This is really frustrating, it looks like I might have to stop using rss-feeds with Utorrent alltogether.

Even if you don't have the actual solution, just a simple "I have the same problem" would be cool....

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I have the same problem since a few days. For about 2 months only new items were being downloaded and now suddenly all the old items are being downloaded again.

I had verion 1.7.2 when it started downloading the old items again. I have upgraded to 1.7.5, but still the same problem.

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