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RESUME.DAT editor available, is anyone interested in such program ?


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Hi all,

As told in a previous post, I've been working on a resume.dat management tool, allowing me to perform mass change of torrent locations and other text attributes ! After struggling with many (minor but annoying ) bugs, I've finally been able to achieve a 99% working - aka release candidate - JAVA code (hope using this language won't be too much hassle for those interested) :

- can export any bencoded file content to a XML format (.torrent, .dat)

- SHA-1 fileguard feature will be recomputed when reloading XML content back to a bencoded file

- better string parsing to avoid illegal characters in XML editors

If needed (I mean, if someone asks for it) I'll work on better and strong errors handling, a more verbose output and other features you might find worth adding ;-)

I'll post download url asap ...


PS : can the mods (or me) close my older thread please (#30289) ?

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Ack, that'd definitely be a big pain :o

I could probably implement some kind of search/replace feature, but time doesn't currently permit, and as I see it, it would be *somewhat* ugly to implement, not to mention the fact that it might be slow. I'll see about trying... some other time (no guarantees :P).

Or maybe krist0v should continue with his editor? If it were up to me, I'd say "the more the merrier." Having some resume.dat-specific editor would probably be nicer too, as resume.dat-specific features could be built in (like you currently have -- mass relocation as a top-level feature, and .fileguard recalculating on .dat generation).

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Hi all !

Sorry, I've been quite busy these weeks - and to be honest, I first thought Ultima's BEditor would made my app obsolete as it looks much nicer than mine :D - and didn't have much time to work on it

Tomorrow, I'll try to compile it and make the java class available for download

Stay tuned


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