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enhanced file manipulation in multi-file's torrents


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Here are two features, that I miss:

1a. when using multi files torrent - there is no support for any manipulation the individual (internal) files from the files-tab. It would be very helpful, if you can enhance the right click menu in the files-tab to include almost all the nice feature that are available in the right-click menu in the main download-view torrents' list. Things like - "open containing folder", "open" "remove and delete data", sorting ,"update tracked' could have been very useful (for me - the proper delete is important... w/o having to re-check later)

1.b - and if we are taking here on ease of use of multi-files torrents, I suggest to add also a preference item for the initial state of all the files (normal/don't-download-skip). This is to cover the case were you don;t have free GB on your hard driver, and you still want to download a few of them, w/o the trouble of changing them manually to "skip".

1.c lastly - if we are at it - is it possible to fix the very old and known problem of having "file / disk error" on multi-files torrents under Win98... ? that requires a manual -recheck operation to correct it ... I'm not so sure under what conditions this is seen, but I'm sure Firon remembers and has it in his records... ;)

2. And another small feature - on a new session - use the preference value for uTorrent files path/location ( in preference->other) as the default location for opening a new torrent file. Now the SW uses my documents... But when someone opens a different folder - remember that one - during the current session (only) or maybe even in-between sessions.

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