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*Improved* Auto-shutdown


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The feature which shuts-down the PC when uTorrent completes is great and all, but my problem with it is that it responds to the Scheduler prematurely. This is a problem because, like many others, my ISP has peak and off-peak usage. Since I want to download in the off-peak time, I can't use the auto-off feature at all because when I enable the Scheduler, uTorrent automatically tries to shutdown my PC, which means that I can't use the Scheduler if I want to use auto-off.

The other problem is that the setting does not persist- the value is lost when I restart my PC, which means if I set my PC to turn itself on automatically, it won't turn itself off.

In a nutshell, I think that the Auto-shutdown feature should:

1) Only respond to the scheduler when the scheduler stops downloading/seeding, not when it is *already* stopped

2) Have a persistent value for the auto-shutdown setting.


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