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Seeding/tracker abnormalities w/ µtorrent 1.2.2 > OiNK


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Hey all,

In the OiNK filesharing forum another user and I identified what might either be a problem with the OiNK tracker or µtorrent itself.

I'm seeding 20 torrents at the moment: If I let all my torrents start up automatically (all at the same time), OiNK will only register me as a "clever" seeder on about half of them. However, if I start seeding 5 torrents at a time (x4), I am listed as a clever seeder on all of the torrents by OiNK. Is it that starting my torrents seeding all at once overwhelms OiNK's tracker, or it a problem caused by µtorrent?

We're pretty confused about this phenomenon. Any ideas?


µtorrent 1.2.2 / WinXP Pro / ADSL (160/60) / SMC wireless router / UPnP on

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