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New installation of uTorrent


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I will have to make a complete new installation of OS and other programs, including uTorrent, due to change of motherboard and processor.

Since I have already a large amount of files, which are used to improve ratios, I would like to know how to "catch" or "register" these files/torrents in the new installation of uTorrent, in order to allow me to keep seeding.


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You need to have the original .torrent file for each of your completed downloads: re-download them from your tracker.

Add this .torrent to your µTorrent list, if µTorrent says that 0% done, then your data is a location that µTorrent doesn't know. To tell µTorrent where to find the data, right-click the torrent entry, and select "Advanced > Set Download Location" pointing to where your data resides. Right-click again, and select "Advanced > Force Recheck."

µTorrent will now check the location you specified, and check the files against the .torrent hashes. If the files are same as expected, you will begin to seed.

For other migration-type actions, check the Migration Guide.

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