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Private tracker torrent not flagged properly - DHT Enabled


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I've downloaded a number of torrent files from a particular private tracker which seem to have not been flagged properly to mark the torrent as private thereby disabling DHT (which is evident upon right-clicking on the torrent to view its properties, where I can see that 'Enable DHT' is not grayed out/disabled, and in fact this option is checked - as those are my default settings).

What are the recommended steps in handling torrents like these? Is it advisable to go through the torrents from private trackers one by one and check the 'general' tab to review the DHT status, and if it appears to be enabled, the I should manually disable it to avoid violating the private tracker's site policies? If the DHT status reads as follows: "announce in 12 minutes (got 2 peers) for a private tracker torrent, is that enough to assume that the tracker is not flagged properly?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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A tracker can check (and even edit and thus force afaik) the private flag when a torrent is uploaded to the site. If they didn't do that they can hardly blame you for their bad coding. The reason the private flag exists is that traffic generated to peers found through DHT, LPD, etc DOES count for the statistics the website maintains. The private flag disables these features and thus makes sure the stats are clean.

That is also the reason clients disregarding the private flag and DHT, LPD, etc torrents that have been marked as private get/got banned in the past (like with µtorrent 1.7.1).

Anyway. The best course of action is to alert the staff of that tracker site to the situation. They'll remove the torrent and hopefully the uploader will reupload it properly. With a little luck they'll even update their code so this doesn't happen in the future.

FYI: This often is a sign of a tracker being run by amateurs btw.

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