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UTorrent messes up internet


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I have a wireless router which i connect to through an adapter and my internet will work fine up until i try to use utorrent. After I start utorrent it will work for like an hour or so and then it will like mess up my whole connection and i can't even visit web sites. I have to go reset my modem before it will work again.

I don't know if its utorrent or not.

But that's the only time it happens.

Just wondering what it might be.

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Try reducing your Global maximum number of connections. I set mine to 30. When I had it at 450 global connections (as the Speed Guide suggested) my router would die very quickly. If I need to desperately download a torrent, I'll increase my maximum peers per torrent but never increase the global max.

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i tried reducing the global max connections and that didn't seem to work.

i'll find out my router model and all that and post it.

status light is green.

port checker says it is ok and will receive incoming torrents.

connection type:2mbit

upload limit: 80kb/s

connections: 50

max active torrents: 9

upload slots: 8

connections (global): 30

max active downloads: 8

encryption enabled

net.max_halfopen: 8

Windows XP SP2

Bitdefender (expired)

router: Linksys WRT55AG v2

modem: Arris TM502G

ISP: Mediacom, cable internet

download speed: 2647 Kb/s

upload speed: 856Kb/s

if you need anything else just ask.

thanks for everyones help.

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btw... does this problem still occur when u disconnect the router... or only when u use it?

if its only when u use the router i suppose uve already upgraded to the latest firmware... another (perhaps) possible reason for the problems even though it may seem strange may be related to the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)... check this out, and try to tweak the value (if possible with your router):


p.s. make sure to remember the default setting before changing it

...also try connecting another computer to the router and see if that computer still has internet connection after your primary computer loses the connection... in that case the problem is probably related to the computer (perhaps network card drivers)

EDIT: in google u can also try searching for:

"problem configure router with <INSERT NAME OF YOUR ISP>"

...that way u will know if other ppl have these disconnection problems with your isp

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i did a couple MTU tests and it says it should be set at 1500 and that's what it is set on.

i'm pretty sure my problem only happens when i connect through the router because i only have to reset that when it happens. i connect wirelessly with every computer so there is pretty much no way i can be for sure.

when i lose connection on the computer using utorrent i lose it on the others too.

so i know its not the computers.

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ISP: iiNET.net.au -- ADSL 256/1512

Belkin F1PI241EGau ADSL-Modem/Router/wireless-4port this then ran through another 8 port hub

3 Computers using Windows XP SP2

I appear to be having the same problem as above. I was successfully using uTorrent for a while since version 1.7.2. About 4-5 weeks ago I start having my network 99-100 percent choked. I started fixing at first by resatrting modem/router/hub-switch and computers. About 10 days ago I found out it was uTorrent that was causing the problem and I could fix it by closing uTorrent and waiting a couple of minutes. This problem above appears to be the same problem being experinced by 0tintblue in

Index » Speed problems » uTorrent breaks the Internet :S


I have not included to much info as you would like. I have mainly posted this email to add some more weight and info to the problem. I am currently using a D-Link 302G my old/standby modem running thru hub. I am currently re-doing my office/computer area so am not giving much time to this issue a moment.

Hope this helps


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Hubs share bandwidth.

If you have a 100 megabits/sec 8-port hub, then if all 8 computers on it are using it...they each can only get about 12.5 megabits/sec on average.

Switches and routers can run full speed on all connections/ports at once...at least in theory. In practice, the poorly designed ones (read Belkin!) overload long before then.

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