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Cant connect to peers but can connect to trackers


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Sorry for the double post, I didn't realize the post got through.

Allow Use proxy server for peer to peer connections on HTTP(not HTTPS/HTTP Connect).

I am behind a firewall and I can't seem to connect with my peers to download whenever I use HTTP (I can only get the tracker infos). When I check the connections I can see outgoing connections to WAN Ips (my peers) which obviously won't connect since I connect to the internet using a firewall.

When I use the HTTPS proxy and check the Use proxy server for peer to peer connections, The outgoing connections are going through my proxy server (just like when I am using bitlord). But the problem with uTorrent it can't connect to the trackers in HTTPS (maybe because the proxy server doesnt support HTTP connect)

I think that the uTorrent HTTP proxy setting is equivalent to BitLord/BitComet's proxy settings with the Use proxy for tracker connections only CHECKED

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