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E-Mail Announce List for new releases of Utorrent


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Hi all,

i was wondering if it would be an idea to have a release announce list so that we all know when to upgrade utorrent.

i am probably like most of you out there, in the fact that we leave utorrent running for many days with no need to restart, so we will never be prompted when a new release is out, only when we close then open up the program again.

just wondering if we could have a e-mail subscription list that notifies us when the new release is out or a beta is out.

just a thought,


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Those that are playing the extreme edge of 'small footprint' would argue that it's a function easier satisfied through the forum without application 'bloat'. Personally I wouldn't mind the extra couple lines of code, just pointing out that many other more useful functions have been poo poo'd due to claims of 'bloat', and pointing out that other apps or methods could accomplish the same duty without adding code to uTorrent..

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robojo, true, but it would keep us all upto date with the newest ver of the client.

you see so often there are lots of people out there thats are using clients that are months old or many releases behind.

while utorrent is in big dev stage it would be good to have this to check every few days if there is a new ver out and to ask to install it.

Firon, thats a much better idea. much easier as well.

should we add this as a feature request?

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Until this futuristic feature is implemented here are two ways to be auto-notified of updates:

1. Firon (...) will be so kind to open a special notification sticky thread. Any one that wants to be notified when a new version is out - will post there, and Firon promises (right ? ) to post whenever a new version is out...

2. Go to http://www.watchthatpage.com , register and put the uT download page link as one of the pages you want to be notified on changes... That's what I did...

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silverfire, his idea was to use thread subscriptions to notify people about an update. I don't think that would work since you can't subscribe without making a post, and everytime someone posted to get subscribed, EVERYONE would get an e-mail about it I believe...

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As @Animorc said, I believe so too. Unless you really cannot subscribe to a "closed" thread ... But - we can give it a try...The mod can always delete the whole thread...

I would call it - "New uT versions notification test-thread " , close it, and just try it out ... smiley20.gif

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--- "forum.utorrent.com Mailer" <vurlix@utorrent.com> wrote:

Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:01:57 -0600

From: "forum.utorrent.com Mailer"


Subject: Reply to topic: 'Notification Test Thread'

To: rafi@XXXXX

Firon has replied to the topic 'Notification Test

Thread' to which you are subscribed. There may be

more new replies, but this is the only notification

you will receive until you visit the board again.

The message reads as follows:


µTorrent 1.2.3-beta Unicode is out. It is for



The post is located at


You can unsubscribe by going to



forum.utorrent.com Mailer

(Do not reply to this message)

Success!!! Firon, you can announce this newly invented method as official for this forum... :)

BTW - about this Beta - what about supporting Win98 ?! :(

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but this seems to work fine!

So I suggest to give this thread a proper name (w/o "test") , write inside it a good explanation, post a sticky-link to it (and even a subscription link) also in the announcement section and 'advertise' it inside the 1.2.3 / 1.2.2. / 1.2.1 posts...

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