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Automatic Re-check of torrents


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I was wondering if it is possible to have a torrent automatically force re-check itself upon its completion. This would save me some time for those small to medium sized torrents. Perhaps the run program command in a torrent's property window can be used?

Thanks for any replies.

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Any computer that has corrupted pieces after the download is 100% completed has problems. Each piece is checked when it is completed.

If a piece suddenly is corrupt when you recheck the whole torrent this happened AFTER this validation which means it was corrupted after it was written to disk. Which means it was edited by software or your hardware is malfunctioning somewhere.

If it happens on two different computers I'd start looking at software you have running on both. Or maybe its a coincidence and both machines have different causes.

The feature you request is useless. If something is corrupting your data it can corrupt it at any time. Which means that you can re-check a torrent when its finished and have it validate 100% and 5 seconds after that it could be corrupted (again).

I strongly advise you to solve your problem.

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