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Missing tray icon after upgrade


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I recently upgraded to the current uTorrent version and discovered that there was no tray icon anymore, but the process was running.

'Cause I thought this was a bug in my system, I tried around a bit. Then I googled for "utorrent no tray icon" and the hits showed me that there was a new skin support with which you can skin the app's and tray's icon.

So I took a look in my uTorrent folder and discovered that the main.ico and tray.ico files were missing.

So I got them from the uTorrent homepage.

Now here's the solution HOWTO for everyone with missing tray Icons:

1. go on utorrent homepage into skins section, then select program icons and download one(main.ico) to your uTorrent folder.
2. Then, create a copy of the main.ico file and rename it to tray.ico.
3. Restart uTorrent, then it'll work.

hope you can fix this stupid bug :D



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