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"Files missing from job" - Lost 2.73GB?


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Hi uGurus,

Got the "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck." on 1 of 3 active torrents.

The error appeared after downloading Microsoft auto-Updates and rebooting (once uTorrent had already stopped all active torrents and had been Exited).

The job on my C-drive was ~75% complete, but after a Force Re-check the job is starting afresh as if the 2.73GB isn't there - which it is, but uTorrent isn't recognising the part-job upon restart of the torrent. And I don't have enough disk-space to restart unless I delete what's already done.

I've currently stopped the torrent.

The other two torrents are on my F-drive and are unaffected.

How do I persuade uTorrent to pick up the 2.73GB of files please?

And is there anything I should do to avoid a repeat error?

I'll continue to lurk here at the forum if you need to ask me any questions.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: Here's a few things that didn't work.

1. I moved the target folder, removed and deleted data for the torrent, then restarted the torrent anew using the new target with the 2.73GB of part-files. Got message saying I don't have enough disk space, continue anyway? I clicked No.

2. Opened the new target folder with the .dat and .lut part-files. Right-clicked on the .dat > Properties > Opens with - Change... > uTorrent > OK > Apply > OK

Did the same with .lut

Opened the .torrent > selected in dialog box the new target folder with the part-files newly associated with uTorrent > OK

and was again told there was insufficient disk-space. I clicked No again, and I'm back at having 2.73GB of files I can't yet utilise.

Any ideas uGuru guys?

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OK, that's cool - still better than having to d/l a full 2.73GB.

Y'see, the rumours ARE true, you are a uGuru. Thanks.

And sorry I didn't see the Migration article listed in the FAQ page - I thought I'd looked closely at each header. Wish me luck....

EDIT: Got my 74% all back and is resuming normally - although it briefly flashed up an error message that another process was using it. I clicked on Start again, and it seems to be OK.

Thanks again - but I may have to visit you again ;)

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