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Vista Ultimate 32-bit TCPIP.sys Patch - Thoughts?


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Is it necessary to apply the TCPIP.sys Patch to Vista Ultimate 32-bit if I wanted to bypass the limit of 25 half-open connections/second that Microsoft has limited Vista with (and then subsequently setting the 'net.max_half_open' setting in uTorrent to something between 50-100)?

If so, what advantage would there by in doing so (i.e. faster upload or download speeds; less hashfails; etc. etc.)

I stumbled across the article in the link below and found it rather interesting, but wanted to find out what some people on this forum thought of this prior to proceeding with any tweaking of my system...


Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated....Thanks!

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25 half-open connections is more then enough for any kind of µtorrent activity.

Torrenfreak is giving that tweak advise for the 2 half-open limit in Basic which is a bit on the low side.

The default µtorrent setting (8 I think or maybe 4) is fine. It doesn't influence download or upload speeds. It has to do with connecting to a lot of peers fast and even then a higher setting won't necessarily speed that up nor is it really needed to speed it up.

Patching Ultimate seems unnecessary to me.

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Yeah ok. But it doesn't influence the constant download or upload speed. It might cause a dent, it can also allow you to start downloading at you max speed 5 seconds after starting µtorrent instead of 10 (for example). But that is no real bonus or draw-back in the long run.

But what I really mean is that there is no real reason to increase the max_half_open in µtorrent much. Patching XP SP2 or Vista Basic to something between 10 and 25 might be an good idea because µtorrent isn't the only program making new connections fast and there might be rare occasions where another program (or even µtorrent?) might bug because they can't start enough connections because µtorrent is using most half_opens.

Adjusting the max_half_opens in µtorrent isn't necessary. Setting windows half_opens to more then 25 isn't necessary either.

In fact setting either too high might make your machine and/or network hardware - router for example - less stable and it could increases the effectiveness of some viruses.

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