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High DPC usage in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2


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I have installed 1.2.1 (and subsequently 1.2.2) and found my CPU usage to be very high. Closer examination revealed that during downloading the DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls) process, which is not shown in the normal Windows XP Task Manager, was running very high - between 50 and 80%.

Reverting to 1.1.7 seems to clear the problem.

Any idea what changed since 1.1.7 which could explain this, or how I can still use the latest version without a significant chunk of my CPU being taken by DPC's?



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same here.

After updating to 1.2.2 (or was it 1.2.1?) cpu went up from about 5 % to 30-50%.

I am running on default settings.

I tried disabling dht but it does'nt seem to be the problem. Also checked with different torrents but the cpu usage is still very high.

It doesnt bother me as long as it keeps downloading, but still 5% CPU was better :)



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Hi Luddle,

I have no USB devices connected to my PC (I just realise how luddite this makes me look!). I have upgraded my RAM from 256MB to > 1GB, but that didn't seem to help this problem.

I'm still curious as to what changed between those versions in the field of - maybe - memory management or disk caching which may explain this behaviour?


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After much troubleshooting, I finally discovered that the cause for the large CPU usage and DPC usage was McAffee's latest firewall program. Some weeks ago it auto-updated, and since then it had been slowing down my computer to a crawl.

I have removed it and now just use Windows firewall, and it works great. Switching to Windows firewall (or more specifically, away from McAffee) also resolved the 'Listen error' / 'NAT error' problems I had also been having.

Thanks for you help here!


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