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hi, im new to all this torrent stuff and have some questions


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hi, this is my first post on this forum

i just downloaded utorrent to download a file that is 1.36gig.

this is the first time i have done anything like this and have some questions.

how long does a file thi size normally take to download?, it says it will be ready in 2 days.

i think it might be a speed problem

it has been downloading for about 1 and a half hours and is only 1.6% done.

my download speed is ranging from 10-14kbps and the upload ranges from 4-8kbps

is this right because i didnt think it was

hopefully someone can help me



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you need to read the FAQs and the Help on utorrent configuration.

And SOME torrents are just slow. Depending on how many seeds and how many seeds per peer there are.

For the beginning:

Find out what your UPLOAD speed in a speed test is and then press CTRL+G in utorrent to open the speed guide. Pick the speed that is about 80% lower than your test results in the UPLOAD speed test and accept the suggested settings of the speed guide. Never go higher in the upload - that would choke your connection dramatically.

And never confuse Kb with KB if you go and change your connection settings manually...

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