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Hello People,

I have just installd UTorrent and am trying to set it up to work optimally.

I have a 8meg Bulldog ASDL connection, Windows XP Pro, and am using Sygate Personal Firewall. I have given Utorrent full permisions in the Firewall. Normally when doenloading stuff from fast servers I have seen speeds of up to 700kbs.

When trying to download something using Utorrent I am seeing over a 1000 seeds but connecting to none.. and some files have 1000 peers.. but I am only connecting to maybe only three of them. Download speed are frankly a waste of time 3 -12kbs!!.. and yet upload speeds are zooming away like there's no tomorrow.

Would someone who really knows what they are talking about be kind enough that has maybe a Firewalll/Setup as me maybe offer some tweaking options to get this thing to work properly. Please don't be general but be very specific and consistent regarding all the settings as I see so many conflicting opinions and apparent experts in complete conflict with each other in here and elsehwere.

I installed UTorrent with the default setting and have not really changed a thing. I have read lot in this forum and have tried various settings offered by others all to little avail.

I welcome any input offered.

Cheers :0

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