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Is this a good guide for optimizing uTorrent speeds?


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It's not meant to be a specific speed guide but more of a general How-To for beginners. It describes in different words what you can also find on utorrent's site - but might be easier to understand for some people.

I disagree with net.max-halfopen=50 (has decreased speed significantly for me. I have set it down to 4 - even though I have a patched TCPIP.sys)

Not allowing legacy connections or even force encryption can only be seen as last resort because the torrents can come to a grinding halt.

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Is it easier for newbies to follow? Maybe, but I wouldn't say the "official" setup guide is that much more difficult to follow. It might be more wordy, sure, but it's still simple to follow.

Is it good for optimizing µTorrent speeds? I'd say it's no better than the setup guide that we already have in that regard. At best, that guide is a bit more organized than our current setup guide, and provides screenshots along with it; that's about all.

I disagree with most of the "Further Things You Can Try For Optimum Speed" suggestions:

2) Hammering the tracker does not speed things up, nor will it necessarily get you more peers. In the same vein, connecting to more peers does not necessarily get you better speeds, but will add to communication overhead (usually unnecessarily).

4) peer.lazy_bitfield doesn't affect speeds in a negative fashion. The only time it'll affect anything is during seeding mode, and only if you've got an ISP that uses crappy methods to detect/block seeding. It was for those crappy detection methods that peer.lazy_bitfield was implemented to get around. Meaning it shouldn't be disabled in most/all cases. Yes, the author didn't really suggest that people actually disable it (just mentioned that some people have reported that it "helped"), but the fact of the matter is that it doesn't affect speeds negatively, so it has no place in that list at all.

5, 6) Just... no.

7) I don't use private trackers, but honestly, what kind of recommendation is it to tell people to avoid them?

And yeah, I also disagree with the halfopen connection suggestions.

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