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Tried many different settings.


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Hey guys, been toggling utorrent, abc and bitcomet for awhile now. Even though utorrent wasnt working for me, i still tried to tweak in hopes of getting optimal speed. I'm on SP1 and no firewall nor router. on a 6500mbit line with something like 384kb upload(but upon tests i got something like 16-25kB/s). Have to say that although my isp is throttling, utorrent usually gets 10-20kb/s< less than the other two clients.

Settings for utorrent:

Global peers: 150

Connected peers/torrent: Tried from 80/120 not much difference.

Upload slots: 5-7

Upload: 16 and sometimes 20.

Adv options i turned on the slow*cpu option.

Btw i tested this on a popular public torrent with 1k seeds and 1k peers. Connected to very few seeds and peers somewhat about 50-80

Thanks in advance. Hoping for some advice

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