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I keep getting shut down by my cable internet provider when I download


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I have been downloading for months. All of a sudden, I get a notice from my cable that I have illegally downloaded Collateral and Breach. I called them to reactivate me account. They told me if they caught me downloading and/or seeding again, they will shut my cable off for good. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I download movies without them doing this. I don't purposely try to seed.

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Encryption won't help. It is only to circumvent traffic throttling.

PG2 etc provides only limited protection and does more damage then can be justified.

You should warn your ISP that they should provide proof that you downloaded illegal material when they close you down. An email send by an owner of copyrighted material who claims they have caught you download isn't valid proof.

Maybe if you live in the US and its an official DMCA mail. I'm not sure on the legal status of those in the US. (In the rest of the world DMCA mails don't mean shit and probably no ISP can shut someone down because of one.)

All ISPs have a clause about being able to cut you off if u use your connection for illegal activities. But these are usually pure disclaimers. Most providers don't have the means to enforce that rule and to be honest most providers don't care. In fact there are even ISPs who refuse to be the 'police' for the MAFIAA (RIAA+MPAA).

If your ISP keeps giving you shit just switch to another one at the end of your current term (or maybe threaten with that).

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