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DO NOT try Thomson SpeedTouch modems


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They are not good modems for uTorrent usage.

BAD MODEMS, bad network software/firmware in those modems. Faulty NAT implementation. These are very strange modems. They seem to be picky towards certain NICs and certain OSs. Totally and utterly ridiculous. I strongly advice against the use of Thomson SpeedTouch from now on.

A good modem-brand for uTorrent usage is definitely: BILLION !

Especially the new BiPack 740xVGP-M range. Amazing boxes.

Not only are they extremely fast and reliable, their config is the bomb. I have yet to find a better web interface for any other brand.

Billion modems aren't for sale everywhere, but you can order them via ebay from some sellers in Australia. Also get your firmware from the Australian site (it's very actively debugged, still, even for older models). They are well worth the money, since they aren't even expensive!

Also, if you need to pump every little bit out of your ADSL, get one of those Annex M boxes, the 7401 VGP-M for example;


I don't work for Billion, but I can really recommend them out of personal experience as a sysadmin.

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