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IPFILTER question


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Just wondering...

I don't know if this question is allowed, although I haven't seen a rule against it...

Does there exist a list of IP addresses of Torrent polluters? That is, people or trackers which exist soley to sent out corrupt or altered data, such as what Media Defender does?

If there exists such a list, can I have a copy?

Thanks if you can help. :)

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Thanks for that.

I turned on Logging of Errors. Anyone listed as providing Bad data (I can't remember the exact wording) I added to the ipfilter. Also I set the Ban level to 1, and while heaps of people got banned, I did get what I wanted in the end.

btw, when the client bans someone, is there any way to see who it banned? (besides the log that is)?

Does it remember it next time I start uTorrent?

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I look forward to that.

My first ever client was Azureus, so old it didn't have DHT or Encryption, but from what I recall, the system of bans, and ip bans was very easy and straightforward. No need to edit files!

Hopefully 1.8 will have something like that.

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