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Error "Access is Denied"


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Hello, Yet again I am having problems with UTorrent. When I try to download anything I get the Error Access Denied message. I have tried everythinng suggested on the help page. Also, I had this same problem on my last computer and it was solved by changing the folder that the downloads go to. I have tried the same on my new computer... files download to c:\users\katy\downloads . I am using Vista.

HELP! I don't know what to do!

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I had this same problem, recently corrected it by reverting the folder it downloads into, back to the original! Also, I wasnt getting the error on all files I wanted to download, for some reason it was just TV programs, and then only those that contained an .avi file. If I downloaded the version that was all .r00 .r01 etc, then I had no problems. I hope this helps some people, good luck!

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[ul][li]NO - Index Service[/li]

[li]NO - Desktop search (beacuse I havent installed it - though I will, because Im lazy and ive got a massive computer with twenty years of project work on it)[/li]

[li]AVG - The best anti virus software out there. Should I disable it? Rofl[/li]

[li]NO - Randomly made my files readonly in the middle of downloading[/li]

[li]YES - tried turning off flush_files[/li]

[li]YES - the error message is totally uninformative. The idea that my file is somehow inaccessible is... data, what's the probability on that? 0.0001% sir. Thanks data.[/li]

[li]YES - you should answer one or two of the questions on the Spanish forum, just for for'ms sake.[/li]

[li]YES - access to the source code:

makes it possible to define ALL the possible reasons for the


is what you, the closed source developer have and we, the

users who are exploring the problem like blind ants, don't[/li]

[li]NO - I dont believe there [/li]


Have been looking through the posts on this forum for about and hour.

It seems to have been a well reported problem with this "Access Denied" issue, for well over a year

There has been no attention from the developers, the users having been jumping rings trying to find out what it is. The nonsense on the install page about disabling everything else on the machine that access files is just that. Nonsense. All the other torrent software works fine.

Ive been programming for twenty years, and I appreciate the style in which software is written. Sirly the punk of mooing away from apen source is to projuice some sort of cusdummer service???

The only suggestions of action other than

"Seems like you need to disable... some thing I dont like using... and thats that"'

has come from the users

Another thread about the same issue

"I guess the exception feature doesn't work properly"????

"try disabling the indexing feature alltogether"

two words.





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by default, windows enables indexing on all files withing the Documints and Settings even when the search facility says that indexing is disabled.

Other apps lock µTorrent out of accessing files altogether.

and I imagine you have a quaint way of convincing me that:

few milliSecs < time of aberent lock < couple of minutes (hundreds of megabytes of raw data)

isnt codeable and that "Access Denied" is a viable message??? I can see it is just the message from the OS passed straight to the screen.

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Its nothing to do with blame, its to do with an attempt to help those with problems. Secondly People are perfectly aware when they are causing the access to a file that is causing a problem, however I have used Other torrent downloaders without ever having come accross any problem like this... So I am not talking about it from the absolute ground up logic, I am talking about it from a user standpoint (one which I dont, usually, bother with to be honest)...

Also I am not arguing that there is no cause for it. Obviously there is a cause, and I would bet my last dollar that it is not a purely internal issue with uTorrent.

However, telling someone to turn off indexing on their computer, telling them to uninstall pieces of software they find useful, telling them it might even be their antivirus software that is messing them up is simply an admission of defeat for a peice of software, regardless of the root cause (for example being that windows is essentially a very poorly written hodgepodge of twenty years of malware, a great big bug that invented the idea that a computer has "character" and has probably cost big business more than all the depressions in World history).

I can tell by the reaction of the software, regardless of how many times it retries, it certainly doesnt wait any reasonable time. I did fix it by moving my downloads folder out from the indexed portion of the drive...

since then I am overwhelmed with joy at uTorrent's oldSkool attention to memory usage and efficiency. Keepup the goo dworks

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