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Cant get u torrent to work and its driving me crazy


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im sure ive done something very simple wrong, but cant for the life of me see what it is, thought some fresh eyes may help.

wellive always had u torrent but moved to a new place with new router and internet and had recently re formatted my laptop, so had to start again with u torrent, i set up a static ip address which i believe is correct as im stil on the internet, i opened a port on the router which is an orange - inventel DV4210-WU, put the port in u torrent prefernces so thought i would be ready to go but everytime i try to download something it adds one peer then the peer drops 1 second later then it doesn't download. i cant download one little bit of anything, ive made sure that its not just what im downloading that there are no peers, my friend has downloaded the same file as i want to at the same time as me and it works.

ive tried to think of what else it could be, but no luck, tried re downloading u torrent too with no luck, it still doesn't work :(

any help would be much appreciated. im not sure if ive put enough info for anyone to help, let me know if theres anything else you need to know

Many thanks


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nothing dowloads at all with those torrents either. ISP is Orange. formally freeserve i believe... and i just have windows firewall which i have now switched off and still not working.

now this speed guide, im not sure what you mean as i am pretty amateur :s

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