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"select all" in right-click menu on the "Files" tab


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this is not always easy.

if you only have a few files in your torrent, than that solution works great,

but consider the case when you have too many files in your torrent to fit into the files tab.

you have a scroll bar to help navigate, however, the files tab is always opened with the scroll bar pointing at the top, while the click-drag feature can only be done from the bottom!

so you have to first scroll all the way down to the last file in the files tab, and only than can you click-drag to the top.

I hope I was able to make this clear....

Edit: in order to click-drag from the upper-right corner, I must drag the right side of the priority column towards the left, to fit into the tab. otherwise the click-drag isn't possible

Edit2: this is due to the fact that I like to keep my pieces column quite wide in order to see the progress more easily. If it will prove hard to add the right click "select all" option, I can just refrain from widening the pieces column, although I'd rather not.

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Well. images tell more than words:

selectfiles_1_tn.png selectfiles_2_tn.png

They are too wide to post here, so just click on the thumbnails.

But you don't have to scroll or anything. Just drag it from the top to the bottom. You don't need to start the dragging in the corner, you can drag it exactly from wherever you want.

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Images do tell more than words. :)


I see my problem now (thanks to your post). my "name" column is too narrow to fit the whole length of the file names, so I can't use the click-drag. (the file names are very long due to the fact that they contain path information. it is a torrent with many files, divided to many directories).

the click drag only works when you start it on a space where there isn't any text (as can be seen in your images)

Thank you very much for your effort.

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