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RSS Downloader - "can't open file"


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I reported on this earlier :


I DL other torrents from this feed with no problem whatsoever, however this one series; QI has quotation marks in the title.

Until today, I hadn't realised it was the only one.

The Dawn French series is one I don't usually DL but when I tried to do so manually from the RSS Downloader, the problem crept up again.


I think you can call this confirmed.

I believe I have found the cause.

At the very least I have found a pattern.

ANY attempt to use the RSS Downloader to DL a torrent that has quotation marks in the title fails either in automatic or manual mode.

The following are the two that refuse to DL from the RSS Downloader, taken from the RSS feed that I belong to:

- <item>

<title>QI - "Explorations" {{Quiz}, {newprog}, {attribution}}</title>

<link>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}</link>

<guid>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}</guid>

<category domain="category">Quiz</category>

<category domain="uploadtype">New programme</category>

<category domain="redistribution">Upload only with attribution</category>

<description>Currently: 174 seeders, 81 leechers, snatched 190. Description: Series 5. Episode 4. Broadcast Details: 12/10/2007, BBC2, 10pm Vid Details: XviD 1.1.2 Final, 993kbps, 696x388 Audio Details: 123kb/s Stereo. VBR Length: 28:51 *Explorations* Stephen Fry enth [...]</description>

<comments>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}#comments</comments>

<pubDate>Saturday, 13-Oct-2007 23:34:37 GMT</pubDate>


- <item>

<title>More: Dawn French's "Girls who do Comedy" {{Chat}, {oldprog}, {internal}}</title>

<link>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}</link>

<guid>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}</guid>

<category domain="category">Chat</category>

<category domain="uploadtype">New capture of old programme</category>

<category domain="redistribution">Do not redistribute (INTERNAL)</category>

<description>Currently: 1 seeders, 17 leechers, snatched 0. Description: More Dawn French's Girls Who Do Comedy On: BBC 4 Date: Saturdays at 9am This first collection contains interviews with Whoopi Goldberg, Julie Walters and Kathy Burke. The remaining shows will be bro [...]</description>

<comments>http://{generic feed}/{member key}/{torrent id}#comments</comments>

<pubDate>Saturday, 13-Oct-2007 21:57:16 GMT</pubDate>


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