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Tracker ratio?


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I have registered at demonoid and a couple of other sites a while ago.

I have been seeding a lot. I tend to leave utorrent on. I have not downloaded a lot.

I am confused as to what the tracker and ratio business is all about?

To be basic how does a ratio of say 200 gig up and four gig down relate to a user?

I understand that utorrent has a basic tracker in the build.

Does this track the up and down ratio's so that when you log into lets say demonoid your

ups and downs are updated.

It may be basic and seem silly but I don't understand fully how this can like I say affect a user.

Does a good ration from a tracker site make your downloads faster?

Thanks if anyone can explain this.


Great site btw...


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To be blunt, you have uploaded alot but your ratio will probably be 0.5 . to really get good ratio you must understand bittorrent in general. Google is your friend. try and download torrents that have low seeds with alot of leechers. this way you can give back to many people!

I am also a member at demonoid at i believe it only updates ratio nfo once daily.its kinda like stock....grab a torrent that you know is gonna be popular i.e. 238 leech vs. 7 seeds. that way you know your torrent will get attention.

Have fun and seed!

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Part of the communication with the tracker involves telling it how much file data you have uploaded & downloaded. Some sites require you to maintain a ratio to stay a member. Other sites give you special perks if you maintain a high ratio such as access to newer files first, special forums, or get points for maintaining higher ratio.

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