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Utorrent not transferring down load and seeding numbers to websites


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Hi , i am new to u torrent , i used to use bit comet .....utorrent is faster and i love the way it is set up. I am a huge wrestling fan and there is 2 websites only ..to download old wcw ppv's ....prowrestlingtorrent and extremewrestlingtorrent ....all of a sudden my uploading/seeding numbers are not transferring to the prowrestling site and as you probably know you have to keep a certain percentile of seeding and downloading.

my utorrent 1.6.1 has not been banned but the website says that there is know trouble with data being delivered to the wrestling website.

is there a fix for this because i dont want to have to find another software.

please help.....ps...the xtremewrestling site is fine with the data.


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