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utorrent and vista - not a good mix


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whenever i run utorrent one of my computers that runs vista it works fine but .... it completely kills my network ... all other computers connected to my network lose internet connection to the point were i get messages from my web browser saying the website im trying to connect to has been reset...

and this happens nomatter what speed im downloading/uploading at ... even at 30k/s 10k/s it locks up the whole internet connection

to top it off when i try to close utorrent, if i have the window open it crashes there and then and the process wont end and i cant get rid of the utorrent window, if i send utorrent to the tray then close it from there the tray icon disappears but the utorrent.exe process is still running and i cant end it.

i dont get any of these problems on any other computer i have run on my network running xp

any ideas?

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i found this link while searching through the forums http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=21178

this sounds like the sorta problems im having. i have amd x2 nvidia too. Although utorrent downloads fine and good speeds too it just killed all connections for anything else web browsers other computers on the network but an online game i was playing was relatively unaffected.

i also found an article about zone alarm and utorrent and how utorrent goes on the blink when run with utorrent and cause it to crash when i try to shut it down making it impossible to "End Process Tree" etc .... how can i fix this without turning off/uninstalling zonealarm?

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