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Port Blockages


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All ports are blocked upon checking at canyouseeme.org. I'm connecting through a free wireless spot in St. Petersburg, Russia using a pretty basic linksys abg wireless router. The ISP is Russian. Everyone else in the bar/restaurant has no problem using torrent clients which leads me to believe that the problem is solely related to my configuration. I'm running 1.6 due to recommendations to avoid the latest versions, something having to do with BitTorrent's buyout of the program rights, though I can't imagine that my using the second most recent version as opposed to the latest is the cause of my problem. I've tried using a proxy with "Your Freedom" to no avail. Going to the router's ip ( brings this strange message up:

No webpages currently available

- perhaps you need to install a package?

There's not even a prompt for an admin pw to adjust router settings, just a blank page with the above text. Any and all advice is appreciated. I can provide a hijackthis log if necessary. Anything to get uTorrent back up and running.



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