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Torrent just vanish after shutdown and restart of PC.


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Hi all, I have been trawling through the previous posts to see if there has been a similar question posted. No luck with that.

So, I have been downloading a movie, and seeding a 100% music file torrent too. Upon switching off for the night and booting up again the following day, when I start up uTorrent the two torrents have vanished! I have added the movie file that I was downloading and it checked the 25% that it had downloaded and continued again, which was fine, but still a bit of a nuisance.

Also, when it does that, before I can access the utorrent display, I get a pop-up window suggesting that I set my bandwidth speed to optimise downloads etc.

I hope someone has seen this before too.

I have already tried deleting uTorrent and downloading the program again. No difference.

Win XP, uTorrent 1.7.5, AOL.

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Are you logged in under the same user?

Maybe µtorrent wasn't shutdown properly. (Try closing µtorrent yourself before shutting down the computer.) Normally you'd only have to recheck most torrents but sometimes it clears the torrent list. In any case you can simply add the .torrent files again and point them to the same download location. µtorrent will check the files and then resume downloading from where it left the last time.

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