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Moving files to another hard drive??


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I have been using uTorrent 1.7.5 for quite a while and have had everything neatly organized in a single root folder on one of my external hard drives entitled 'Torrents'....within this 'Torrents' folder are three subfolders...they are:

-uTorrent - Completed Downloads

-uTorrent - Downloads in Progress

-uTorrent - Original .torrent Files

I think the above folder titles are self-explanatory as far as the contents of each of these folders, and I have the preferences within uTorrent to utilize these folders by keeping currently downloading files in the 'downloads in progress' folder (and adding !ut to the files names), then upon completion it moves the finished downloads to the 'Completed Downloads' folder, and all the while it stores the original .torrent file in the...you guessed it..."Original .torrent Files" folder...

What I need help with is the following...The hard drive I am currently storing all of these folders and files on has started making strange spinning noises, where I can actually here the disks rotating inside the drive, and from past experience, this means that one of the drives in my multi-drive RAID 0 hard drives is on its way out (to die that is)...So I promptly ensured that I have an identical copy of all of these files on a different external hard drive (which I currently do), but I wanted to find out what the best way would be to update uTorrent so that it now points to the files on the new hard drive instead of the original (flakey/near-death) hard drive....???

Can someone reply back with what they think would be the best solution to this issue? Thanks!

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1> Manually set each torrent's location.

Regarding setting each torrents location manually, does this basically mean that I should clear the current queue completely by highlighting all items in the queue and choosing the 'remove' item from the context menu...and then after having done this, following these steps for each torrent I had previously had in my list:

1. In µTorrent, click File > Add Torrent (no default save)

2. Browse your way to the .torrent file you wish to seed and select.

3. Browse your way to the folder where the files are located and select the folder.

2> migration guide for a large number of torrents in the same destination.

Which of the following sections from the migration guide, specifically, should I be using to accomplish this in a batch process...

'Moving files to another location after they have been loaded in µTorrent'

I have all of my completed downloads saved in a folder structure based on the file labels I've assigned to them...this section of the migration guide mentions, "for multiple files move the containing folder as a whole" - Does this still apply if there are multiple levels of subfolders (i.e. that I should simply take the root downloads folder and move that?

'Loading multiple torrents stored in a single folder'

Is this section in any way applicable here?

'Renaming appended files'

(which describes the process of using a RENAME.BAT file to batch rename partially downloaded torrents that other clients have appended a special extension to)...Is it also necessary to do this even if the special extension applied to the partial downloads in my queue are the ones created and used by uTorrent?

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To me, I think it would be easiest to just change the drive letters from Windows.

1) Change uTorrent preference to not auto-start on boot

2) Turn off uTorrent completely. Make sure utorrent.exe is not running in Task Manager.

3) Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Admin Tool, Computer Management, Disk Manager

4) Change drive letter of the dying RAID 0 drive to something else

5) Restart computer

6) Change drive letter of good external drive to the former RAID 0 drive

7) Start uTorrent

As long as the directory structure is the same on both drives, uTorrent won't know you physically changed drives. I just moved all my torrents from a local drive to a network drive using this method.

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Good suggestion, and I probably should have done that, but I already proceeded with trying to use one of the methods described in the migration guide, and I realized that all of these methods discuss moving files frmo a previous client into uTorrent, and therefore all work under the assumption that none of the torrent files you want to import into uTorrent are currently not in uTorrent....as a result, I remove all of my torrent files from the uTorrent queue...STUPID ME!!

Now that I am in this situation, can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can go about batch importing files into uTorrent, that had once previously been in uTorrent (read the posts above for more detail, in which I describe my current file/folder structure of torrents, downloads, and partial downloads)...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

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Its going to be a mess because the torrents were labelled. It is no longer a simple re-loading of torrents into the root drive. You know that labels create a folder before completed torrent files are moved. My recommendation - someone may have a different approach - is to group all the torrents by label. Once you have the .torrent files grouped, open the first one to indicate the directory ("label") you want uTorrent to save to. If the first one works okay, select all the .torrents for that label and open them all. Since uTorrent remembers where you want them saved, you can press "Enter" quickly to process through torrents. Go to next label set and repeat.

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So I've re-added all of the torrents to uTorrent and they now all appear in the queue (and are stopped, as I've configured in the uTorrent Prefs)...I have also already gone through all of them individually and have relabeled them properly...

However, since they are were all just recently re-added to the queue, and I have uTorrent configured to "put downloads currently in progress" into one particular folder, and then move them to another folder once the downloading has completed (and place them in sub-folders in this 'Completed Downloads' folder based on their labels in uTorrent...), I have a feeling that uTorrent by default is not going to look for the completed downloads of some of these torrents in their current location (in sub-folders within the completed downloads folder), but rather will look for them directly in the root folder of the folder I have specified for downloads currently in progress...

UPDATE: I tried testing this on one particular completed download (that was located in a sub-folder based on its label - which I had set when I initially added it using uTorrent when all of my torrents were still on my damaged drive)...I tested this by right-clicking the torrent in the queue and choosing Force-Check, and sure enough, it didn't recognize that any of the torrent had previously been downloaded. I then moved the finished download from the label-created-subfolder in the Completed downloads folder, and placed it in the root folder of the 'Downloads in Progress' folder, and did another Force-Recheck, and sure enough, this time Force-Rechecking did pickup on the fact that the file had completed being downloaded...

That normally might be preceived as being good news, but I also figured out that uTorrent does not subsequently move that file from the downloads in progress folder to the completed downloads folder...

Is there any way to configure uTorrent to move the download to a label-created-subfolder within the completed downloads folder upon forcing a re-check? If not, does this basically mean that I have to manually go through each torrent, one-by-one and right-click the file in the queue and choose Advanced>Set Download Folder (FOR EACH OF THE 200+ TORRENTS I HAVE IN MY QUEUE!!!)?

HELP!! I am facing a situation where I might have to spend several hours doing bull-crap maintenance on re-setting download folders, UNLESS someone has a brilliant idea/suggestion that might allow me to resolve the problem automatically by some means of batch processing!

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