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All Torrents gone! Please help!


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I was downloading when I went to bed, woke up, utorrent locked up, rebooted, all 700+ of my torrents gone. I read the other posts, how do you reload the files from the .torrent files & %appdata%\uTorrent.

I know I can recheck after loading the list but how do I restore the list itself?

Do you go to Regedit, use notepad or what? I read through the help file and googled to no avail.

Microsoft outlook files are just as hard to work with.

I'm using version 1.7.5


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I have the same version and have a similar issue. New download is running fine. The old download is in the file but when I try to restore it it appears to be empty, even though there are files within the folder.

How do I restore the file I was trying to download before the crash. There was a crash actually and there was a message when the winxp file allocation check came up saying there was a Utorrent error but I didn't get the file info copied in time. I think it referred to a restore file.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I've been downloading this particularly slow file for 3 days and it was nearly done.

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