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'No incoming connections' and erratic speeds


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Pls god someone help me!. I have just bought a new dell(inspiron 3100) pc, with vista premium. I have a basic ethernet connection from ntl, no router. Utorrent will download/upload stuff but speeds are very erratic, and i have a constant caution triangle saying 'no incoming connections' ? tested my ports, they are all closed? even if i change em round. tried creating a static ip but i thought that was only for routers ne way? beginning to think its a vista/utorrent issue as this is the only software i'm having an issue with which is a shame. i use zonealarm as a firewall, and thats configured correctly.

someone told me its vista, my dual core amd, my 6to4 adapter which isn't in use anyway!

Is it port fwding? vista? my pc? i dunno but its not working properly! HELP! HELP HELP!

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