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Constant uTorrent crashes


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A few days ago I downloaded and installed uTorrent and it ran great the first days. Suddenly yesterday night it crashed without any explanation, just a message saying that utorrent.exe has stopped working and will be shut down. This happen after about 3-4 minutes every time I start uTorrent.

I'm running a computer with Windows Vista Home Premium with Norman Anti Virus on it. I have given uTorrent permission to connect to the internet in the Windows Firewall and as far as I've seen Norman isn't blocking any programs to connect to the internet. I'm having the nVidia Forceware installed but Im not having the Forceware network manager, additionally I've tried, just in case, to set µTorrent's affinity to a single core(since I got a dual core processor) but without result.

Any help with this issue would be really appreciated.

EDIT: Problem solved by stopping a few downloads, seems like I can't have more than 2-3 downloads running at the same time.

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