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FireFox 1.5 is finally released!


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you posted about it in a thread about great programs that people use, which I dont read.

Plus I also think when you post a news like this one, you make a seperate topic for it,

because the "great programs" thread isn't a news release thread ;)

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All I need now is for IE 7 final to be released, then I can make my final decision about what browser I'm gonna stick with till the next major version ^o^. It's a decision over monstrous RAM consumption or more commonly exploited security holes (don't anyone dare say Firefox doesn't have any, since cracking sites keep posting them :P IE's holes are just more commonly exploited)

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For those of you wondering whether or not to switch to Firefox (actually, all of you who aren't 100% happy with Firefox), try out Opera. It's now free with no ads (previously had Google ads, or you had to pay $40). It has many advantages over Firefox, too many to list here, but it has a bad name among most Firefox fans due to the fact that it wasn't always free..


If you still need convincing to convert, you may want to read my blog post on a number of misconceptions Firefox users seem to hold..

Sorry to spam, but hey, it's relevant :)

Also, as far as the 1.5 release goes (I use Firefox at work, Opera at home, so I know both), they use http://mozilla.com now with a nice new site design, but 1.5 'final' is exactly the same as 1.5 rc3..

sfv: 3663FAA9

so if you upgrade from rc3, you don't get anything new :P

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Hi splintax,

I've read your blog post which was quite interesting, but it does not seem to present real advantages that Opera has over Firefox.

In other words, why would you suggest for anyone to switch from Firefox to Opera?

(this is a real question, and not just a tease)

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