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FireFox 1.5 is finally released!


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ya, FF has loads of nice extension to improve your webbrowsing + its open source so its nice :)

The extension gives FF allot more functions and customization then Opera.

I used Opera in the past, but I didn't like it at all, it caused many problems.

I endend up with using just IE, then later I found FF 1.0, since then I have only used FF :)

So far, I have never heard anything that would convince me to convert to Opera.

The only arguement you really have is that Opera had some of FF's functions before

FF. That isn't so strange because relative new. Anyway, that kind of argument

is a bad reason for why to convert to Opera ;)

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You don't have to remove the profile directory, but you might get a load of warnings/notifications on the first startup. That's nothing to worry about though.

I would still copy the profile-directory to some other place before installing since you're better off safe than sorry.

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If you have a lot of extensions and themes (45 total for me) you're going to have problems... I had problems with at least 5 extensions and 2 themes even though they were updated for 1.5.

I had to uninstall them then reinstall them again then they worked fine, so I think its better to do a clean install rather than just patching 1.0.7.

And one other downside is that it'll delete all of your search engines too... thankfully I backed everything up beforehand. But everythings working fine now.

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5 extension wasn't comptible with FF 1.5, 3 of them I didn't really used so I simply uninstalled them, 1 of them I found an replacement for, but still its one extension that doesn't work with 1.5.

It's a game, so I can live without it, but it was fun to play while waiting for something :)

Anyway, I didn't like the new look of menus on the default FF theme,

so I tried to install the Classic Menus for Winstripe 2.2.1 extension, but it didn't work with 1.5 :(

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sorry, didn't like that theme.

I really like the default theme in FF, I like it simple which means no 3D, no soft corners/points :)

Anyway, Winstripe 2.2.2 has been released and it works with FF 1.5,

so now the menus looks like in FF 1.0.x :D

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@boo: try the plugin "nightly tester tools"

it lets you set plugins and skins to "compatible"

So you could find out if your desired skin really is incompatible or if there is only a conflict in version numbers

It worked for all the plugins 1.5 rejected on my machine


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