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Linksys AM200 how can i connect and portforward


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Dear All

i have just purchased for Linksys AM200-Annex A ADSL Modem after i have installed the configuration i was trying over 5 days for establishing portforward for Utorrent Application but i have failed please i need your help taking in consideration that i have upgrade my firmware to the latest one 1.19.02

i am using windows XP with service pack 2

let's give you all what i have done over the last 5 days

1-I have followed the portforward steps described in the manual

2-Enable DMZ for my IP

3-Disabled the firewall for both router and windows

4-Upgrade firmware to 1.19.02

5-Using static IP

6-Upnp enabled

Please if anyone has some information about that Modem help me



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